Teach Us to Pray

Prayer is one of the great mysteries of the Christian life. We talk in our heads or out loud. God hears. And God moves.

However, He doesn’t always move in the direction we want Him to go, or at the speed we’d like Him to move. In fact, we often find prayer moves us in the way He wants to go, and at His speed.

Prayer is extremely difficult. Through prayer, God can reveal painful truths to us—so prayer sometimes scares us. Silence often greets our prayers—which can make us feel prayer is ineffectual, or worse, that God doesn’t listen. For such a quiet activity, prayer requires great effort. Distractions, rote words, wayward thoughts, and time constraints all seek to choke off our prayer life.

Someone doesn’t want us to pray.

Why? Because prayer is our connection to God’s infinite, holy power. Because prayer changes us into Christ’s image so we can do His work here on earth. Because prayer shows us the depth of God’s heart and causes our love for Him to bloom and grow.

The profound truth is that Jesus Himself, the very Son of God, prayed while here on earth. If He needed to pray, how much more do we need to pray. If He took great effort to seek His Father’s heart, how much more should we.

How can you make or renew your commitment to pray?