Three Historical Fiction Authors…Three-Book Giveaway! Q&A #1

Three Historical Fiction Authors...Three-Book Giveaway! Q&A #1 with Kristy Cambron, Jocelyn Green, and Sarah SundinLast week, three historical novels released, spanning the centuries. Jocelyn Green’s A Refuge Assured starts in the French Revolution, Kristy Cambron’s The Lost Castle is a “time-slip” novel with story lines during the French Revolution, in France leading up to D-day in World War II, and in modern times. And my The Sea Before Us leads up to D-day!

As release-day sisters, we decided to celebrate together! Six Q&As by the three of us, and we’re giving away three bundles of all three books! You can enter here on my blog, on Jocelyn’s blog, and/or on Kristy’s Instagram! Up to three chances to win! Visit my blog each day from Feb. 12-16 – for additional chances to win!

Q: What was your novel inspiration?


Before wartime memories are lost to Alzheimer’s, a granddaughter travels to French wine country to learn her family’s past, and uncover the French Revolution and WWII legacies of a forgotten storybook castle.


A lacemaker seeks asylum from the French Revolution in politically-charged America, only to find she can’t escape its reach even in Philadelphia.


As D-day approaches, an American naval officer and a British Wren work together, but his success may destroy what she loves most.

For your chance to win a bundle of all three books, please enter the Rafflecopter below. US addresses only please. Giveaway ends Feb. 18, 2018 at midnight. Winners will be announced here on Mon. Feb. 19.

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  1. Michele

    Thank you for introducing me to these authors. I am really excited about reading their books!

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    It will be great to learn of another Historical novel.

  3. Paula S

    Three of my most favorite authors! Your books just keep getting better, Sarah! I love all the research that shines through in your books!

  4. Betti

    As part of Jocelyn’s launch team, I have already read A Refuge Assured and would love to win so I could enjoy the other stories!

  5. Loraine P Ertelt

    Would love to win these three books. Historical fiction is my favorite genre, and these 3 authors are among my favorites!

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    I’m so excited about all of these! You ladies create nothing but fantastic fiction!

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    Would love to win these books and be introduced to the writings of 2 new authors (already love Sarah Sundin!)

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    Both Sarah and Kristy are authors I am familiar with and love, but Jocelyn is new to me. I would love to win these books. Thank you for the opportunity!

  9. Cathy

    By the way, I do subscribe to all the newsletters, but under my secondary email address. Unique connection to all these new releases! I am looking forward to reading and enjoying the stories, plus I always learn more history (which I enjoy with my genealogy hobby).

  10. Kathryn Voss

    I can’t wait to read these!!! It’s the perfect giveaway!

  11. Lori Smanski

    congratulations to the three of you. these look like great books. I have them on my to buy list. thank you for the wonderful give a way

  12. CutePolarBear

    I’m way too excited for “The Sea Before Us”. 😀 But I’ve had such good experiences with the Wings of Glory series, I can’t imagine this book isn’t good!


  13. MS Barb

    So many books & not enough time to read all of the books on my “TBR” list–thanks to these authors, my TBR list keeps growing! 🙂

  14. Rose Blackard

    Great to meet some new authors. Thanks for the giveaway and thanks for sharing Sarah!

  15. Amber

    All 3 sound so interesting and such an enjoyable way to learn about subjects I’m pretty ignorant about – sad to say!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  16. Eileen Garehime

    Thank you for the opportunity to win 3 new books?

  17. Jan

    Thanks for this opportunity! I love historical novels.

  18. Christine

    I am entering! I just finished The Sea Before Us today, I loved it!!

  19. Barbara Hamby

    Thanks for the giveaway……i am looking forward to reading the books

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    Thank you for the giveaway! All of these books sound wonderful!

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    I have read books from each of you. Thank you.

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    Have been meaning to read J. Green! Will this contest provide me with the opportunity?

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    What a trio of jewels! Thanks for this, Sarah!

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    Thank you all for hosting such a sweet giveaway! I’ve been looking forward to all three of these novels being released.

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    Congrats on your release date & party. Looking forward to attending

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    I’ll be at the party later! Thanks for the great giveaway!

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    This is super exciting and generous of you’ll! Thank you for the opportunity!

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    I’ve already read Jocelyn’s book (it was terrific) and am looking forward to Kristy’s and Sarah’s. Thanks so much for the chance to win these books.

  29. Arletta

    Great group of authors. Love their writing and am looking forward to reading these books.

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    Thanks so much for sharing this giveaway with us, Sarah! Looking forward to reading all these books. Wishing you and your fellow authors all the best! I’ve been meaning to email you about stopping by my blog soon! 🙂

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    Thanks so much for the chance to win. Three fabulous authors!

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    Incredible authors! I’m so excited to read these novels.

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    We have yours, Kristy’s, and Jocelyn’s books in the church library.
    Thanks for entering me in your giveaway.

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    I love historical fiction and would love to be chosen to win these three books!

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    Thanks for the giveaway. Historical fiction is one of my favorite genres!

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    What a fun Valentine’s day Giveaway! So excited to read all of your new books! Thank you for the chance to win!!!

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    I love Christian historical romances. I really loved Sarahs When The Tides Turn. So thank you for this great give a way

  41. Becky Richardson

    I love anything historical and these sound great.

  42. Mary Dicke

    Love WW2 historical fiction…read your book Daughters of the Night Sky while in India for 3 weeks.

  43. Caryl Kane

    Sarah, I love how you make history come alive!

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    Thank you for the chance! More books to add to my TBR list.

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    I enjoy reading historicals. They let me experience another time period.

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    Sarah, I’m impressed with the amount of research you do for your books!

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    Thanks for the giveaway. All the book covers are beautiful and the content of each one sounds compelling.

  49. Becky Richardson

    Who is the greatest influence in your writing career?

  50. Becky Richardson

    Do you have a favorite character in the book(s) you have written?