Three Historical Fiction Authors…Three-Book Giveaway! Q&A #4

Three-book giveaway! Q&A #4: Favorite writing snacks of Kristy Cambron, Jocelyn Green, and Sarah SundinLast week, three historical novels released, spanning the centuries. Jocelyn Green’s A Refuge Assured starts in the French Revolution, Kristy Cambron’s The Lost Castle is a “time-slip” novel with story lines during the French Revolution, in France leading up to D-day in World War II, and in modern times. And my The Sea Before Us leads up to D-day!

As release-day sisters, we decided to celebrate together! Six Q&As by the three of us, and we’re giving away three bundles of all three books! You can enter here on my blog, on Jocelyn’s blog, and/or on Kristy’s Instagram! Up to three chances to win! Visit my blog each day from Feb. 12-16 – for additional chances to win!

Q: What are your favorite writing snacks?




Honey Almond Tea


Tea – berry black, Earl Grey, pomegranate-blueberry green tea, and more!

For your chance to win a bundle of all three books, please enter the Rafflecopter below. US addresses only please. Giveaway ends Feb. 18, 2018 at midnight. Winners will be announced here on Mon. Feb. 19.

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20 Responses to “Three Historical Fiction Authors…Three-Book Giveaway! Q&A #4”

  1. Kelly

    Those beverages all sound good! My choice would be coffee or chamomile citrus herbal tea.

  2. MS Barb

    Thanks for a nice Giveaway…I never acquired the taste for coffee or tea–my beverage of choice is water…w/ a slice of lemon, when available.

  3. Lori Smanski

    wow what a wonderful give a way. thank you. I love historical Christian books. and just found out I am loving military books from Sarah

  4. Cathy

    Wonder if Sarah likes Twining’s English Breakfast tea? One of my favorites!

  5. Paula S

    I love Irish Breakfast tea. A little stronger flavor than English.
    Thanks for the wonderful books, Sarah!

  6. Rose Blackard

    I drink coffee and tea, but not all the time.I love your books. My dad servered in WWIi, so I am very interested. Thank you!

  7. Alison Boss

    I have to go with Kristy on the beverages. I’m a coffee girl too. I’m looking forward to reading your new books!!

  8. Lynne M Feuerstein

    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!! What a spectacular bundle of books!!

  9. Perrianne Askew

    I’m not a big coffee fan, but lately have been enjoying hot lemon herbal tea. That said, my tea flavor does change from time to time. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity.

  10. Erin

    Sounds like caffeine is a must for writing! 🙂 Excited about this giveaway!

  11. Laura W.

    I don’t drink coffee or tea, but I love a large glass of cold ice water when I read, and it doesn’t hurt to have some cashews on hand too (lightly salted)!

  12. Tami le Roux

    I love to snack on carrots & caramel rice cakes.

  13. Karen

    I’ve never had honey almond tea, and I don’t drink coffee. I like berry herbal tea, though!

  14. Grace Hitchcock

    What a great giveaway! Mmm coffee with almond is my writing/reading treat and if it’s a long writing/reading session, almond tea as well 🙂

  15. Arletta

    I’ve been drinking a lot of tea recently. I love the berry ones best. What goes into your almond honey tea?

  16. Carol Alscheff

    I drink mostly coffee but recently I found some lavender and blueberry blossom tea that I enjoy.

  17. Kathryn Voss

    I love the history!!! And I agree with Kristy. Coffee is the best!!!