Title Brainstorm Game and Giveaway!

Title Brainstorm GameIt’s time to pick a title for my new WWII series – and for the first book – and you can help! I’m giving away books – winner’s choice of Anchor in the Storm (Book 2 in the Waves of Freedom series), When Tides Turn when it releases in March 2017 (Waves of Freedom, Book 3), OR this yet-to-be-named novel when it comes out in spring 2018.

Here are the rules of the game:

Leave a comment below with your idea(s) for the series title, the book title, or both. If you can’t leave a comment, send me an email with your suggestion. Contest ends Saturday, November 19 at 10 pm, Pacific Time.

There are two ways to win a book! First, I will randomly pick one entry from the comments – the winner will be announced here on my blog on Monday, November 21. Second, if Revell Books picks YOUR entry as the official series or book title, I’ll enter you in another drawing, with one winner for each title! These second winners will be announced with the title announcement early in 2017.

Series Titlebrothers-collage

One fateful night drove three brothers apart.

One fateful day thrusts them together…D-Day.

The three-book series follows three estranged brothers in the events leading up to D-Day. My working series title is Brothers of Liberation.

One fateful night of tragedy and betrayal drove the Paxton brothers apart. Now, as D-Day approaches, they battle the Nazis on the sea, in the air, and on the ground. Three women capture their hearts—a British naval officer striving for acceptance, a Red Cross volunteer searching for purpose, and a librarian longing for family. Will the battles they face lead them to redemption . . . or destruction?


Book Title

Betrayal as deep . . .

Love as mysterious . . .

As the sea before them.

Working Title: The Sea Before Us

Story blurb:

In 1944, American naval officer Lt. Wyatt Paxton arrives in London to prepare for the Allied invasion of France, determined to redeem himself with the brothers he has betrayed. Dorothy Fairfax serves as a “Wren” in the Women’s Royal Naval Service, striving for the love of her bereaved father and of the man she’s always adored, Lawrence Eaton. When Wyatt and Dorothy work together on Allied plans for D-Day, he hopes Dorothy will return his growing love. But will family secrets, misplaced affections—and the seas off Normandy—separate them forever?

Here are some guidelines:

No credit for using my working titles listed above – although you can tell me if you like them!

For the book title, I’d like to use the word “sea” or a similar word, so I can use variations of “air” for Book 2 (a pilot) and “land” for Book 3 (an Army Ranger).

166 Responses to “Title Brainstorm Game and Giveaway!”

  1. Abigail

    The Sea Before Us – Love love LOVE!!!

    Otherwise, what about something like:
    When Oceans Rise**
    Above The Waves
    Wave After Wave
    Beyond The Shore
    Call to the Sea

  2. Andrea Cox

    Series Title: (I love your working series title!)
    Brothers in Arms
    D-Day Liberation (or Liberty)
    Liberty on D-Day (or Liberation on D-Day)

    Book Title: (I love the play on Sea, Air, and Land for the three books!)
    The Sea Between Us
    Waves of Mercy
    The Ocean Before Us (playing off of your working title, which I love)
    Stormy Seas
    When Waves Roll

    Sarah, thanks for letting us play a part in the naming of your book and series. What fun! Happy writing!


  3. Amberle

    I love Brothers of Liberation and would not change it.

    For a title maybe “Seas Uncharted” or “Uncertain Waters”

  4. Angela Aldridge

    Lots of great suggestions for the book title.

    For the series, possibly something like:
    Heart of Liberty
    Love of Liberty
    Waves of Liberty (since there were waves of drop zones, and land forces trying to meet up)
    Bonds of Liberation

    This is a neat idea. Thanks for allowing us in on the fun.


  5. Sara Johns

    Thanks for letting us put our oars in. 😉

    I like current series title.

    Book Title Ideas:
    Beyond The Raging Sea
    Waves Of Liberty
    The Deepest Sea
    Though Waves Toss

  6. Andrea Cox

    Here’s another Book Title idea:
    Through the Tumultuous Sea

  7. Tami

    Blue Tides of Change
    Dark Seas Ahead
    Beyond the depths of the sea

  8. Steffani

    I love your working series title and wouldn’t change it 🙂

    Book title suggestion:

    A Sea Uncharted

  9. Suzanne W

    Series title: Brothers Reunited
    Book Title: Sea Swept, Sea Between Us

  10. John R. Clark

    Series title: Red, White and Bonded by Birth

    Book title: Wren in Turbulent Seas

  11. Paula

    Book Title: Redemptions at Sea
    Series Title: War Family

  12. Katherine Good

    Series ideas:
    Bonds that Bind
    Brothers’ Bonds
    Triad Bond
    The Common Chord

    Book ideas (This is hard when you’ve already used tides, shore, and waters in previous titles!):
    Through the Channel
    Bridging the Gulf
    The Storm (or Sea?) Among (or within?) Us
    The Sea we Sail
    Bridging the Shores
    Traverse the Sea

    Though I really like the Sea Before Us

  13. Karen R

    Love the new series title and look forward to the stories to come!
    For the book title, how about Tides of Redemption?

  14. Susan Stitch

    I love Brothers of Liberation!
    Thinking of Seas of Change, Wings of Freedom, and Grounds for Peace

  15. Tracy B

    Love the series title

    For the book maybe Seas of Freedom?

  16. Catherine

    Love, love, love your books. Not talented like so many on this website. Just an avid reader. The ones people left titles for my favorites are; STORMY SEAS, SEAS BETWEEN US, BEYOND THE SEA, since you want the word Sea in the title. I will look forward to reading the books!

  17. Paula

    Brothers in Battle,
    Bond of Brothers–The Guarding Hand
    The Hidden Foe
    Sovereign of the Sea
    Peril on the Sea
    Peril in the Air
    Peril on the Land

  18. Laura Cynthia Chambers

    Book Title:
    The Midst of The Sea (It’s a phrase used often in the KJV)

    You could use lines from hymns for the book titles, so maybe the water one’s title could be “Well With My Soul”

    The Threefold Cord

  19. Rachel Dixon

    Not reading the other ideas because I want my ideas uninfluenced. But for series title: Brothers of Atonement Or Brothers in Arms.
    Book Title: Peril on the Sea (from the Navy Hymn)

  20. Paula S

    Tragedy Redeemed
    Ties That Bind
    The Safest Shore
    The Brightest Shore

  21. christie

    A family at arms
    Brothers Divided

    Currents of Change
    Rising Tide
    Uncertain Seas

  22. Edward Arrington

    I like your working titles just fine. An option for the series title might be Brothers at War since it sounds like they are not only all active in World War II but have a bit of a war of their own going on. For the first book, I suggest Liberation at Sea.

  23. Candace Betts

    My title for the new book would be “When the Smoke Clears”

  24. C Cannon Rosenau

    Book series title: “Brothers of Mercy”

    First book title: “The Sea that Binds Us”

    I picked the word “bind” because they are bound or stuck by their separation, but also the sea covers the whole earth and binds or connects us together (the connection part is something I learned in Hawaii).

    Your titles are fine too. I would read your writing even if you called it “The Toilet to the Ocean!” In other words, you’re that good!

  25. Kelly

    Oh, how fun!!

    I really love both your working series title and your working book title!

    If I had to think of something different, here are my ideas:
    Brothers Bonded
    Brothers Betrayed
    Liberty of Soul

    So Vast the Sea
    Waves of Redemption
    Redemptive Waters

  26. Debrah Nash

    I love “Brothers of Liberation” for the series!

    A Time of Changing Seas
    Flights Across the Sea
    Landing Against The Sea

  27. Mary F Williamson

    Book name: something in the the way my dad signed off his love letters to my mom from the south pacific during WWII: “All my love and a kiss on every wave”.
    I really enjoy reading all your books.

  28. Andi Tubbs

    Love the working titles! Let sea if I can pull something out of my foggy brain.

    Series title – Comrades At Arms

    Title – Haze Grey and Underway My Sons

  29. Rachel

    I love Brothers of Liberation. I can’t think of anything that I like better. How about these titles to go with your liberation theme?

    Redemption at Sea
    Freedom in the Air
    Deliverence on Land
    Victory at Sea
    Triumph in the Air
    Courage on Land

  30. Shelia Hall

    Series title: Brothers of Freedom

    Book title Hearts at sea(my daughter suggested this)
    Homeward Sea

  31. Kendra D

    Invasion of the heart

    Artillery on the waves
    Flight to eternity
    Marching on faith

    Can’t wait to read this series!

  32. Tisha Martin

    Thanks for this opportunity, Sarah!

    Series — I really like Brothers of Liberation (has various meanings)

    Book Title: Capture the Sea
    Sea Waves Roll
    Beyond the Sea
    The Sea Zone
    Love at Sea

    Hard to beat The Sea Before Us 🙂

  33. Gail Hollingsworth

    The Telling Sea
    The uncharted Sea
    SEA(sons) at War

    My father-in-law is 93 and was in the US Navy during WWII. He piloted a uboat during the Omaha Beach Battle. One of the bloodiest of the war.

  34. Sharla

    Book Series:

    Love of Brothers
    Paxton Redemption
    Paxton’s for Freedom

    Book title:

    Wyatt’s War
    Redemption for Wyatt
    Freedom for Life

  35. Gail Hollingsworth

    Since I’m a big Alabama football fan how about


    The Bonds of Brotherhood for the series.

  36. Stacey Dale

    I love your working titles! Here are my offerings:

    Series: Brothers in Arms, Brothers in Service

    Book: Seas of Freedom, Seas of Victory

  37. Carole Lovin

    Series: This Great and Noble Undertaking (Eisenhower, “Order of the Day,” June 6, 1944)

    Book 1 (Sea): The Tide Has Turned (from 06/04/44 Order of the Day)

  38. Cathy

    Book title perhaps to bring the Normandy invasion to mind:

    Dawn at Sea

  39. Janice Kruse

    Series Title: The Ties That Bind / Brothers of Liberty

    First Title: Converging Seas

  40. Julie Derakis

    I love your working series title Brothers of Liberation.

    I like the Seas before us.
    Here are a couple of titles I like:
    Seas off Normandy
    Betrayal at Sea

  41. Carla Saner

    I love the series title Brothers of Liberation.

    Here are some of my book title ideas:

    The sea before us or The sea of liberty
    Freedom of the air
    Courage on land

  42. Carla Saner

    I love the series title Brothers of Liberation.

    Here are some of my book title ideas:

    The sea before us or The sea of liberty
    Freedom in the air
    Courage on land

  43. CutePolarBear

    For the series, I really like ‘Brothers of Liberation’, but my suggestion is ‘Betrayed But Loved’.
    For the book, I suggest “Rough Seas”. Thanks for the giveaway!


  44. Jeslyn Jackson

    For me part of anticipating your next series/next title is wondering what you will name them and I’ve never been disappointed. See lots of good suggestions from fellow fans here, but also think both of your working titles are great!

  45. Monique

    Divided Sea
    Redemption at Sea
    Channels of the sea (2 Sam 22:16)
    Springs of the sea (Job 38:16)
    Breakers of the sea (Psalm 93:4)
    Depths of the sea (Micah 7:19)

  46. Christine

    Love As Oceans Deep
    Uncertain As The seas
    Unchartered Seas
    Seas Of Hope
    Ever changing As The sea

  47. Kate

    I really love Brothers of Liberation for the series!

    Though Oceans Roar or The Ocean Between Us for the book title

  48. Auriette

    Here are some ideas from Shakespeare:

    Sea of Troubles
    Sea of Conscience
    Cry to the Sea

  49. Vickie jones

    For the books how about
    Oceans apart
    Or turmoil at sea

  50. Lynne M Feuerstein

    Always love your stories,Sarah!Thank you for including us in naming your new series,Can’t wait to read it!! (Especially since my Uncle Harold was a Marine who landed on Normandy in the 7th wave.) Love your working titles,but if I may throw my hat in the ring my suggestions would be:

    Bonds of Courage for the series
    Sea of Destiny for the first title

  51. Lois

    Series Title:
    – Brothers of Fortitude (based off a nickname given to the D-Day campaign)
    – (The) Ties That Bind

    Book One Title:
    – While Billows Roll (pulling from the hymn “Jesus! What a Friend for Sinners, which was written prior WW2)
    – Uncharted Tempests

  52. Bri Jester

    Hi Sarah!

    My suggestion for the series title is “A House Divided”. Not only is it found in Bible (Matthew 12:25, Mark 3:25, Luke 11:17), it was once used by Abraham Lincon in one of his most famous speeches. Plus, the series is about three brothers and the verse is from three of different books in Bible!

    My idea for the first book title is “Two if by Sea”. At the start of the Revolutionary war, the Colonist used lanterns to warn when and where the Brittish were going to arrive from (one if by land, two if by sea). Since Wyatt is American and Dorothy is Brittish, it would be a little nod to history.

    Thank you for the contest!
    Bri Jester

  53. Raechel L.

    I must say, I love your working titles!

    Maybe for the title:
    “The Sea Below Us”
    “Seas of love”

    Series title:
    Brothers in Unity/ Brothers of Unity.

    I know that whatever the titles will be, the series will be great!!

  54. Vivienne L

    Just love all your books, real heart goes into them, so….. I’m thinking

    Book 1……..The Heart of the Sea
    Book 2……..Freedom of the Sky
    Book 3……..Landing Memories

    The Book Series…….Brothers in Arms

    Thank you for writing …..God Bless xx Vivienne xx

  55. Susan Sage

    I do love your working titles as well as all of your books.
    For the series I also like: Together We Stand or Brothers of Liberty
    For this book: Brothers of the Sea, The Call of the Sea, A Sea Apart, or Upon Divided Seas

    Whatever is ciosen will be wonderful! God. Less, Sarah

  56. Anna Ryan

    Love your books!
    So many good names have already been said here!
    How about, The Bond of Brothers for a series title.
    And When Seas Call for a book title.

  57. Carolyn Clemens Benton

    Hi Sarah,

    My suggestion is ‘Nautical Winds that Call’.

    I think it’s wonderful you ask readers for title ideas. Have a blessed day!

  58. Haley J.S.

    I like all of the title ideas! So much creativity!

    Here are some of my ideas:
    Seas of Love
    Hope/Love Over Raging Seas
    The Waters of Love/Hope

  59. Alison Boss

    Hi Sarah,

    This new series sounds wonderful, with lots of intrigue 🙂

    Here are my suggestions-

    Series Title: Brother of Mine~ War of Redemption Series

    Book #1 Title: Adrift at Sea

  60. Laura Clark


    I love the series title!

    My suggestions for the first book are

    Love Adrift
    Open Waters
    Turbulent Seas
    Uncharted Destination
    Sea Together

  61. Melissa M.

    I really like your titles and so many of the other suggestions, but I’ll try to think of something!

    Book 1:
    Parting Waves
    The Waves that Part
    The Farther Shore
    Ocean of Uncertainty

  62. Melissa M.

    Or “Sea of Uncertainty”

    (Hope I’m not duplicating anything.)

  63. Kim Potter

    I like your titles.
    You could also use (book title) The Sea of Redemption bk 1 – The Air of Hope bk 2 – When Grace Lands
    (series title) On the Shores of Normandy or The Shores of Normandy
    I’ve been to the beach at Normandy. It’s a very powerful experience, as was the American Cemetery in France.

    • Sarah Sundin

      I like the connection! Thanks, Kim!

      Yes, seeing the landing beaches is very moving. I’m glad we had the opportunity.

  64. Allyson Wiealnd

    There are so many postings that I couldn’t read them all. My apologies if this is a duplicate.

    Series title: Reckoning at Normandy
    Book title: Channel Crossings

  65. Jennifer

    Title suggestions: The Turbulent Sea, Seas of Turmoil and In the Wake of the Sea

    Series Title suggestions: Divided Hearts, Brothers Overcome, Brothers Reunited and We Have Each Others’ Back.

    I thoroughly enjoy all of your books and am looking forward to more!

  66. Miriam

    Series Title: Brothers of Freedom
    Brothers of Liberty
    Brothers in Battle

    Book Title: The Ocean Between Us
    The Sea Among Us
    Peril on the Sea

  67. Linda Shenton Matchett

    Hi Sarah: I’m late to the party, but made it under the wire! I think it’s wonderful you’re letting your readers in on the fun of titling your books. I like your working series titles so here are my book title suggestions:

    Oceans Apart
    Seas of Discontent

  68. Shirley Strait

    I love your books.
    For the book:
    Over the Waves Home
    For the series:
    The Brothers Way Home

  69. Joanna Hiemstra

    For the series title:
    Forces of Liberty
    Champions of Liberty
    The Bond of Liberty
    For the book title:
    The Waves Between Us
    Swells of Redemption
    The Waters of Separation
    But I also really love the working title.
    I am really looking forward to the new series. I love reading all of your books.

  70. Jessica

    I like the series title, I’ll put in my two cents anyway.
    Overlord Reunion (For the series title.)

    Guarding the Pond. (As a tongue in cheek title.) I can’t think of any others.


  71. Pat

    For the book title: Adrift on Blue Waters

    For the series title: Brothers in War
    Brothers of the Heart