Today in World War II History—Mar. 1, 1943

US poster encouraging tin can collection, WWII. Read more: "Make It Do--Metal Shortages in World War II" on Sarah Sundin's blog.75 Years Ago—Mar. 1, 1943: Rosenstrasse Protests begin in Berlin—thousands of Gentile women married to Jewish men protest Nazi detention of their husbands, the only mass protest of the deportation of the Jews in Germany.

Atlantic Convoy Conference meets in Washington DC to decide British, Canadian, and US roles in trans-Atlantic shipping.

Gen. Carl Spaatz takes command of US Twelfth Air Force in Algeria.

War Ration Book Two issued in US: canned goods and other processed foods are now rationed at two pounds per week. (Read more: “Make It Do—Rationing of Canned Goods in World War II”)

Carl Spaatz, WWII (US Air Force photo)

Carl Spaatz, WWII (US Air Force photo)