When Tides Turn Pre-Order – Drawing Winners!

Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered When Tides Turn and filled out the form! I hope you’re enjoying your downloadable goodies. The group video conference will be scheduled at the end of March, and everyone who filled out the form will receive an email with instructions when we have the final details.

All entries were placed in a drawing to name a character in the next novel I’ll write–The Sky Above Us, Book 2 in the Sunrise at Normandy series. The three winners will also receive a free copy of the book when it releases in early 2019. I will contact the winners to arrange for the character names. The three winners are…

Vicki Caruana

Joanna Hiemstra

Corinne Reynolds

However…I decided to throw in ONE extra winner. Ruth Lucca sent me not one, but TWENTY photos of her When Tides Turn origami ship, photographed at the former US Navy training vessel, USS Recruit, in San Diego! Here is a sampling of her photos. Aren’t they fun?