You’re the Cream in My Coffee – by Jennifer Lamont Leo

Cream in CoffeeIn 1928, Marjorie Corrigan is set to marry Dr. Richard Brownlee, pillar of the community of Kerryville, Illinois. Even if he doesn’t make her heart pound like her former boyfriend, Jack Lund, who had been killed ten years earlier in the Great War. Marjorie is supposed to be happy. So why is she procrastinating on making her wedding gown? And why is she having embarrassing fainting spells?

Concerned about the spells, her family doctor sends her to a specialist in Chicago. While she’s there, she sees Jack! Except he isn’t Jack–he’s Peter Bachmann who works in menswear at Marshall Field’s. But Marjorie can’t shake her gut feeling. She impulsively decides to stay in Chicago, takes a job at Marshall Field’s, and rooms with daring flapper Dot Rodgers.

Although Marjorie’s family and fiance begin to doubt her sanity, Marjorie is more grounded than they think. She throws herself into her work at the famous department store, tries her hand at an art class…and becomes better acquainted with Peter. Her friendship with Dot stretches her to try new things, but will Chicago change Marjorie for better…or worse?

The cat’s pajamas! Rich in jazzy details of 1920s Chicago, You’re the Cream in My Coffee is a sparkling debut novel. With an adventurous heroine, intriguing side characters, and a thought-provoking message, this story will keep you riveted. Jennifer Lamont Leo is a name to watch in historical fiction!

3 Responses to “You’re the Cream in My Coffee – by Jennifer Lamont Leo”

  1. Lynne M Feuerstein

    Thanks for this post,Sarah! Love good books about the 1920’s and this looks like a real winner! Hope to read it soon.

  2. Jennifer Hibdon

    I like the way this story invites in to find out more. Looking forward to reading it.