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Our Capstone

  Sirena Gate, Paestum, Italy I used to love watching my oldest son play with blocks when he was little. A natural engineer, he was always drawn to building higher, longer, and sturdier, constantly modifying his designs. At children’s museums, he would enlist his younger sister and brother into helping him construct the giant arch… Read more »

He Is Risen Indeed!

Do you ever worry that you’ve heard the Easter story so many times, it might grow to feel stale? The good thing about maturing as a Christian is ease and comfort with God’s love, the bad thing is the danger of taking His love for granted. The apostle Paul never seemed to take Jesus’ sacrifice… Read more »

He Is Risen!

What can I write about Easter that hasn’t been written before? Every year we come to the cross, where we flinch at the nails our sins drove into the hands that reach out to us. We cringe at the angry stripes on the back that bears our burdens. We grieve the pain in the eyes… Read more »