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Daisy Speaks

This is Daisy the yellow lab speaking. All my life I’ve listened to “Mom” make false and unkind allegations against me. I’ve hijacked this blog. It’s my turn to have a say, which isn’t easy when you have to type with paws. She can have the blog back if she meets my conditions. Condition #1:… Read more »

The Things We Do for Love

Two years ago we bought a yellow Labrador retriever puppy named Daisy. She had big brown eyes, soft floppy ears, and a little waggy tail, and we fell hopelessly in love with her. Because we loved her, we got her a crate to sleep in (which she gnawed on), her own little bed (which she… Read more »

Chasing the Light

Meet Daisy. Daisy is a retriever. She thinks she’s a hunter. Her favorite prey…light. Daisy chases after laser pointers and flashlights and random blinking lights. And this time of year, the morning sun shines through the sliding glass window in my kitchen and glances off the face of my watch. The Magic Light. This is… Read more »

Lawn Ornaments and Other Grave Dangers

The other day, I took our yellow lab, Daisy, for a walk. We rounded a corner, and she stopped and raised her front paw in a perfect pointer pose. What snagged her attention? A bird? A cat? Um, no. It was a stone squirrel. My daughter then told me Daisy once attacked a plastic lawn… Read more »

Walking Miss Daisy

Meet Daisy. Yesterday, when my thirteen-year-old daughter, Anna, took our yellow lab for a walk, she accidentally clipped the leash to the small ring attaching Daisy’s name tag to her collar. Eighty-four pounds of pure energy snapped the ring—right before the house with two pit bulls. Outside. Off leash. “Don’t worry,” said the owner. “They’re… Read more »