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The Light at Wyndcliff by Sarah E. Ladd

The Light at Wyndcliff by Sarah E. Ladd

The Light at Wyndcliff by Sarah E. Ladd

When Liam Twethewey arrives at his newly inherited estate at Wyndcliff in Cornwall, things are amiss. The estate is in disrepair, the steward is hostile to his plans to open china clay pits on his property, and the steward’s granddaughter is far too fetching.

Evelyn Bray loves her life at Wyndcliff with her beloved grandfather, even though her mother has abandoned her. When a ship is wrecked off the Twethewey estate – a common occurrence – Evelyn helps rescue the only survivors, a little girl and her mother. Liam is distressed about the shipwreck, the heartless salvage operations, and the rumors that something darker is behind these shipwrecks. As Liam and Evelyn dig into these matters, their attraction – and the danger – increases.

In The Light at Wyndcliff, Sarah E. Ladd brings us again to beautiful Cornwall with the Twethewey family. Rich in atmosphere and romance and intrigue, the writing draws you in deeply for a satisfying read. Liam and Evelyn are both strong and compassionate, characters deserving of each other. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel!

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Embers in the London Sky cover
“Another masterful installment in Sundin’s roster of WWII novels.”
—Booklist starred review for Embers in the London Sky

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