Today in World War II History—May 15, 1942

US poster for the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps, WWII

US poster for the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps, WWII

75 Years Ago—May 15, 1942: Germans take Kerch in the Crimea; Soviets flee peninsula, leaving Sevastopol to stand alone.

National insignia on US Army Air Force, Navy, and Marine aircraft changed to white star on dark blue disc, eliminating central red disc due to confusion with Japanese aircraft.

US Army Air Force pursuit units are renamed fighter units.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs legislation forming the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC).

Gas rationing begins in 17 Eastern states due to tanker losses to U-boats; 8 million motorists register for cards worth 3 gallons/week.

US national insignia, May 1942

US national insignia, May 1942