Today in World War II History—November 11, 1939 & 1944

Badge of First Brazilian Fighter Group, WWII

Badge of First Brazilian Fighter Group, WWII

80 Years Ago—November 11, 1939: Queen Elizabeth calls on British women to participate in the war effort.

Movie premiere of historical drama The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex, starring Bette Davis & Errol Flynn.

75 Years Ago—Nov. 11, 1944: In Italy, First Brazilian Fighter Group begins operations with US Twelfth Air Force in P-47 Thunderbolts.

In Japanese convoy to Luzon, US Naval Task Force 38 aircraft sink all 4 Japanese transports and 4 of 6 destroyers (Hamanami, Naganami, Shimakaze, and Wakatsuki).

RCA Victor and Columbia Records settle with the musicians’ union, allowing recording after two years of striking.