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Today in World War II History

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We Three Kings by Crystal Caudill, Cara Putman, and Angela Ruth Strong

We Three Kings by Crystal Caudill, Cara C. Putman, and Angela Ruth Strong

“Star of Wonder” by Crystal Caudill

In 1884, Celestia Isaacs boards the Golden Gestirn on her maiden voyage from New York to Germany, since her family has invested in the luxury ship, owned by the Weise family. Celestia adores Aldrich Weise, a man who shares her love of astronomy. Aldrich returns her affections but doesn’t dare say so. As the oldest son, Aldrich is required to take the helm of the company in Germany, and he doesn’t want to uproot Celestia from her beloved family. But when an unknown man attacks Celestia and hides aboard the ship, the stakes increase.

“Beauty Bright” by Cara Putman

In June 1945, Lt. Charles Weise arrives in postwar Germany with the Monument’s Men to catalog art looted by the Nazis and return it to the original owners. He’s driven by a personal quest to find the collection owned by his grandparents. He’s captivated by Capt. Lillian Thorson, who’s assigned to the same post. Lillian is appalled at the devastation in Germany, especially at the conditions faced by the children. But what can any one person do?

“Perfect Light” by Angela Ruth Strong

In present day, Brendon Wise has built his essential oils business into a huge organization. In planning a Christmas extravaganza, he’s gotten to know his event organizer, Lacey, online – but now he gets to meet her in person. And ask her out. However, Lacey is nine months pregnant, abandoned by her former husband. The last thing Lacey is looking for is romance. But as they spend more time together, could things change?

Full of romance, dilemmas, and Christmas joy! We Three Kings follows the Weise family through the generations as each couple follows the star to the Perfect Light. Each story has a unique premise, intriguing characters, and a message about the true meaning of family and love. I absolutely adored this Christmas collection!

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Embers in the London Sky cover
“Another masterful installment in Sundin’s roster of WWII novels.”
—Booklist starred review for Embers in the London Sky

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