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Today in World War II History

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A New Contract – Another World War II Book Series!

Contract 4 1-10-15One fateful night drove three brothers apart.

One fateful day thrusts them together…D-Day.

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve signed a fourth contract with Revell for another World War II series! The three-book series is tentatively called Brothers of Liberation, and it follows three estranged brothers in the events leading up to D-Day.

Brothers Collage


One fateful night of tragedy and betrayal drove the Paxton brothers apart. Now, as D-Day approaches, they battle the Nazis on the sea, in the air, and on the ground. Three women capture their hearts—a British naval officer striving for acceptance, a Red Cross volunteer searching for purpose, and a librarian longing for family. Will the battles they face lead them to redemption . . . or destruction?

The books are scheduled to be published in spring 2018, spring 2019, and spring 2020.

I can’t wait to write these stories -and to share them with you. And I’m thankful to my agent, Rachel Kent of Books & Such Literary Agency, and to Revell Books for giving me the opportunity to do so. And I thank the Lord for all my readers and friends and your encouragement, prayer, and support.

6 responses to “A New Contract – Another World War II Book Series!”

  1. Sue says:

    Yay, Sarah! I have enjoyed all your books; God has truly blessed you with an ability to share Him through your WWII novels. Your posts about the flight nurses inspired me to buy and read Albanian Escape and The Secret Rescue, which offered two perspectives on the same event…and your take on it was well done, too!

    • Sarah Sundin says:

      Thank you, Sue! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the books – and the history behind them. I loved both those books about the Albanian Escape – truly a stunning story!

  2. Andrea Cox says:

    Yay! Congrats, Sarah! Cannot wait to read them. They sound so great. Will be praying that the writing goes well for you. If you need more specific prayer at any point in the process, please drop me a note. I like that your new series will focus on a set of brothers. Very neat!

    Happy writing!
    [email protected]

  3. Congratulations! Was there ever any doubt?

Embers in the London Sky cover
“Another masterful installment in Sundin’s roster of WWII novels.”
—Booklist starred review for Embers in the London Sky

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