Between Two Shores – and Book Giveaway!

In 1759 during the French & Indian War, Catherine Duval, half-Mohawk and half-French, runs her father’s trading post outside of Montreal. With the British besieging Quebec City and famine raging, French soldiers arrive to impress the women into harvesting wheat for the army at Quebec. To Catherine’s shock, her father “ransoms” a British prisoner-of-war, Samuel Crane, who had broken Catherine’s heart several years before. 

Only Samuel has no intention of staying as a servant. He has information that could end the war in Canada, and no one but Catherine can help him escape. But to do so, Catherine will have to make a treacherous journey, endanger her loved ones, and risk her own heart once again.

In Between Two Shores, Jocelyn Green brings to life the perilous times of the French & Indian War in Canada. Lush descriptions and compelling characters make reading this story a rich experience. Along the way, Catherine faces truths about herself and the Lord that resonated with me. Don’t miss this story!

Book Giveaway!

I ended up with two copies of Between Two Shores – so I’m giving one away! To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment below – US mailing addresses only, please. Giveaway ends Sunday, March 24, 2019 at midnight PST, and I’ll announce the winner here on my blog on Monday, March 25.

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  1. Lori Smanski

    Oh this sounds like an exciting book rich in emotions and finding Gods truths. I have put this on my to buy list. Thank you for the chance.

  2. Wendy Newcomb

    I really enjoy Jocelyn’s books and have been wanting this so thank you for the chance to win a copy.

    wfnren at aol dot com

  3. Sonnetta Jones

    Unfortunately I do not know much about the French and Indian War. This sounds intriguing.

  4. Kelly

    I don’t think I’ve ever read a book set in this time period before! I love Jocelyn Greeen’s other books and would love to read this one!

  5. Perrianne Askew

    I am listening to Jocelyn Green’s “Widow of Gettysburg,” this week, so I know how well she does historical detail. This cover is simply gorgeous!

  6. Beth

    French and Indian War? Danger? Adventure? Author I have never read before? Endorsement from author I love? I’m in. 🙂

  7. Lisa D.

    Interesting topic. I’ve never read anything about the French & Indian war in Canada.

  8. Katelynn Nutzhorn

    I haven’t read any books by this author before, but I have been wanting to!

  9. Patty

    Jocelyn writes great historical fiction! I have so many books in my TBR stack that I haven’t purchased this book, but would love to win a copy.

  10. Jennie Fetz

    Always looking for a great book to read! Love escaping into other times when I have down time.

  11. Brittany Vinyard

    Sounds like a wonderful read! Thank you for the chance.

  12. Megan Hamsher

    I’ve read that back cover a zillion times … but book isn’t in my hands yet.
    Would love to win a copy!

  13. Michelle H.

    I am intrigued by this book. I also love the cover.

  14. Melanie Overmyer

    Sounds like an interesting read. If you think it is good, then I’m sure it will be. Looking forward to your next book.

  15. Heather

    I have all her books but don’t have this one yet. I love historical fiction and she is such a great author.

  16. vera wilson

    Book sounds like something I would enjoy reading. Thanks for the chance.

  17. Janice Laird

    Would love to read one of Jocelyn’s books! She’s highly recommended!

  18. Caryn Hoang

    Looks like a great book! I don’t know very much about the French and Indian War in Canada, and it sounds fascinating.

  19. Faith Creech

    Love the cover! Thanks for the chance to win. Looking forward to reading this book!

  20. Jennifer Hibdon

    Thanx for the giveaway!!!! This looks like a exciting read!!!! It is on my TBR list!!!

  21. Nancy Reynolds

    Sounds like a great book. Thanks for the chance to win.

  22. Amanda

    Sounds like an interesting read! Thanks for introducing me to a new author to check out too :] xoxo

  23. Erika

    This book sounds really good. I have never read any of her books.

  24. Colleen Hudson

    Thank you for the giveaway. This book sounds great! I have not read any books by Jocelyn Green yet, but I’ve been reading about the plots and I am eager to get to read one!

  25. Shirley Chapel

    I was born in Canada but have lived in the U.S. for 50 years. Though I grew up in Ontario this story about the war between the French and the Indians interest me. Of course in school we learned about this war. Would love to win. Thank you for this giveaway.

  26. Lisa

    I would love to read that book! And I love your blog.

  27. Robin in NC

    Lucky you! This book sounds great. Thanks for sharing!

  28. Sabrina Templin

    Hi! I’ve not read anything by you, yet This sounds interesting. Thank you for the chance! 😀

  29. Lisa Harness

    Fasinating time period. Thanks for chance

  30. Lee Watkins

    This is a new to me author. Thanks for your willingness to share.

  31. Claudia Blanchard

    Would love to read this book! Thanks for a chance to win!

  32. Teresa Burgess

    Love historical romance. Feeds the brain while tickling the heart.

  33. julie langevin

    I want to read this book, so choose me please!

  34. Trixi

    Thank you for the chance, I haven’t read anything by Jocelyn yet!

  35. Suzanne Campbell

    I love historical fiction. Thank you for your kind offer.

  36. Kerri Lockhart

    I’m running out of books to read. I “So” enjoy reading. Cuddled with my blanki, tea, background music & my book. God Bless to the writer & winner.

  37. Katrina Kotfer

    I am such a history nerd and love several genres of historical fiction.

  38. Glenda Middleton

    I have not read anything by this author. The book sounds intriguing, and I enjoy historical fiction. thank you for this opportunity.

  39. Mary Thrasher

    I know anything you recommend will be good, but not as good as you!!!!

  40. Linda Horin

    I love the unusual setting and time period of this book. I enjoy reading Jocelyn’s books almost as much as yours! Thanks for the opportunity to win this book.

  41. Peggy Krasniewski

    So empowered by these wonderful women authors. Historical research and intriguing romanace add such detail and authenity when we all succumb to reading these novels we cannot put down. Sarah’s wonderful novels give us all a WW2 perspective not to be forgotten as this novel surely will succumb us into a long forgotten Century. Excited.

  42. Stella

    Always on the look out for great books to read while camping this book sounds great.

  43. Sarah Caduff

    How exciting! I would love to read this book!

  44. Amy Bottoms

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this book.

  45. Amanda

    I’ve been wanting to read this book! Thanks for the chance to win it.

  46. Amanda T

    I’ve been wanting to read this book! Thanks for the chance to win it.

  47. Jennifer Deane

    I have been wanting to read this book! I’ve read all Jocelyn’s other books and love them.

  48. Linda D McFarland

    Would love to read! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  49. Randi White

    I just found out about Jocelyn’s books during the recent scavenger hunt. I’m easily hooked by Christian historical fiction and great cover art, so hers look like they are right up my alley. I am excited to start reading them soon!

  50. Maryann

    I love reading historicals. This is a time period I am not too familiar with so it would be an interesting book to read. Thanks for the chance.

  51. Sheri

    Between Two Shores is on my TBR list and I can’t wait to read it. I love Jocelyn’s books!

  52. Christy

    Sounds interesting! Thanks for sharing and thanks for recommending books. I look through your Pinterest on books you’ve read. A lot of them I have read due to your recommendations! By the way, I’m a HUGE fan of your books! I’ve been telling so many people about your books! The characters seem real and each time I end a series, I’m sadden because I feel like they were friends and I want to keep up with them all. Also, the information you give is explicit. I know quite a few things pertaining to WWII era, but you’ve taken it to a hole new level of excitement in learning! And the way you describe the happenings of each battle they face makes it hard to put the book down! Great job and don’t stop writing! I have read Wings Of Glory and Waves Of Freedom. Excited to start another series of yours. Thanks again!

  53. Carol Alscheff

    I have been wanting to read a book by Jocelyn Green. This sounds like a good one to start with.

  54. Christine

    I like Jocelyn Green’s book so much. Thank you for this opportunity.

  55. Becky

    I have been wanting to read Jocelyn’s books, but haven’t yet. Thanks for a chance to win a copy!

  56. Cheri Lamb

    I’d love to read this book! Historical fiction is a favorite genre. Hope I get selected to win this book. ?

  57. Holly Ison

    Sounds like a great book and a beautiful cover. Can’t wait to read it!

  58. Jen

    Just discovering Jocelyn Green! Loving her books so far!!

  59. Chris Gray

    Oh, I love historical Christian novels! Would love to read from a new author. Slums like a wonderful story of God’s love and redemption.

  60. Charlena Du Fault

    This sounds like a great story! Thanks!!

  61. Lisa Hudson

    This book sounds very interesting! Jocelyn is a new author to me. Thanks for the opportunity!

  62. Pam Flynn

    What an amazing title and cover! I want to read this so much!

  63. Linda Rader

    A lot of readers seem to want to read this. I am just one more who loves this time period. Read the Last of the Mohicans but the real story was in Canada.

  64. Robin Rexroad

    I love historical fiction! Can’t wait to read this!

  65. Joy B

    Oh my I’m going to run out money before I do books. Can’t wait to read this intriguing book. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  66. Lynne Feuerstein

    Thanks for the giveaway,Sarah! Sounds like a great story!

  67. lynne feuerstein

    Thanks Sarah for the giveaway! Sounds like a great story!

  68. Anne London

    I’ve not read ANY historical fiction about the French and Indian War. FUN!!

  69. Teresa Ryan

    I’ve enjoyed Ms. Green’s previous stories and would love to learn more about Canada during this time period.

  70. Elizabeth Stol

    I would love to be considered! I love historical fiction!

  71. Ashton Dorow

    I would LOVE to win this! Jocelyn Green has recently become one of my favorite authors. All the books I have read by her are incredible!

  72. BK Martin

    Historical fiction is such a great way to learn history. An ancestor of mine fought in the French and Indian Wars on the Niagara frontier, later became a believer, and settled in downstate New York, so this book is of special interest to me.

  73. Kristina

    I’ve been watching this book for a little while now. I’ve read two other books by Jocelyn Green and they were great books. Thank you for the chance to win one. Im currently reading one by you Sarah. Its so good!

    • Alison Boss

      I LOVE reading historical fiction! Thank you for the chance to win a copy of this book!

  74. Patti Bond

    I love reading historical fiction. I also love read Jocelyn’s book. This sound like another great book that she has written and I cannot wait to read. Thank you for the chance to win a copy Sarah

  75. Kimberly Linaburg

    Sounds like a really good book. Would love to read it!

  76. Jenn Ruch

    Looks like another time period to fall in love with and get lost in!

  77. Sandra Benford

    Would be a new author for me. I love finding new reads ???

  78. Barbara Payne

    I love the cover and can’t wait to read this book! Thank you for the chance to win.

  79. Donna E H Durnell

    I don’t know much about the French & Indian war, but I am beginning to enjoy historical novels of time periods I am unfamiliar with. And the cover is great.

  80. Suzanne Sellner

    Since I know little about the French and Indian War and since I LOVE Jocelyn Green’s historical fiction books, I’m eager to read Between Two Shores.

  81. Shelly Osburn

    I just started your book With Every Letter. I am a huge fan of WWII era books and am very happy I found yours. I would love to expand different eras, and this book looks interesting

  82. Phyllis

    Thank you for sharing. I would love to read this book.