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He Is Risen Indeed!

Do you ever worry that you’ve heard the Easter story so many times, it might grow to feel stale? The good thing about maturing as a Christian is ease and comfort with God’s love, the bad thing is the danger of taking His love for granted. The apostle Paul never seemed to take Jesus’ sacrifice… Read more »

Lessons from the 1940s – Freedom of Worship

During World War II, President Roosevelt declared Four Freedoms he felt were fundamental to humanity: freedom of speech and worship, and freedom from fear and want. The freedom of worship is encoded in the Bill of Rights of the US Constitution: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free… Read more »

Lessons from the 1940s – Have Faith

Here’s a poster you wouldn’t see today: “Strong in the strength of the Lord, we who fight in the people’s cause will never stop until that cause is won.” While researching my World War II novels, I was surprised at the religious tone in the writings. Top Ten songs like “Comin’ in on a Wing… Read more »

Musings on Faith

I have faith that chocolate will make me feel better. I have faith that my friends will be there for me. I have faith that when I press the power button my computer will hum to life and I can get my work done. However, this is not true faith because all these good things… Read more »