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Medical Air Evacuation in World War II, part 3: The Flight Nurse - training, uniforms, duties, and dangers.

Medical Air Evacuation in World War II – The Flight Nurse

For Lt. Kay Jobson, flight nursing meant more than physical care. It meant reconnecting a broken soldier with the shards of his humanity. Kay assessed her planeload of patients en route from Italy to Tunisia. A restless lot, downhearted. That wouldn’t do. She headed to the front of the C-47 cargo plane. The soldiers had been wounded on the battered beachhead at Anzio or in one of the many bloody failed attempts to ... Read Article
Medical Air Evacuation in World War II, part 2: follow one patient from the battlefield to the airfield and through his flight.

Medical Air Evacuation in WWII – One Patient’s Journey

Flight nurse Lt. Georgie Taylor smiled at Private Hawkins, who was recovering from abdominal surgery due to a rifle wound. “We’ll be in Tunisia . . .” He was too pale. Restless. His hand chilled her. Georgie leaned closer, her mind tingling with concern. “Are you all right?” “Thirsty.” He rubbed his throat with white fingers. She wrapped her hand around his wrist to measure his pulse—rapid as she fear... Read Article
Medical Air Evacuation in World War II, part 1: How air evacuation began, how it was used in WWII, and the aircraft used.

Medical Air Evacuation in World War II

“Do you have room for one more litter case?” the doctor asked. “Private Jenkins needs a thoracic surgeon. The nearest hospital’s in Cefalù, a long ambulance ride over rough roads. By air he’ll be in Mateur in two hours.” Flight nurse Lt. Mellie Blake stared at the unconscious patient. He lay on a litter, his torso swaddled in white gauze. Bloody streaks painted his face, arms, and khaki pants. “We’re... Read Article