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Hospitalization in World War II – Evacuation of the Wounded

US Army Hospitals in WWII: Evacuation of the Wounded

Unlike the US Fifth Army, Hutch crossed the Volturno River backward. While the Allies crossed under machine-gun fire eleven days earlier, Hutch rode in a jeep, turned in the front seat to face little Lucia. Her litter was strapped across the backseat, while two more litters were strapped on the hood. A furrow raced up… Read more »

Hospitalization in World War II – Mobile and Fixed Hospitals

US Army Hospitals in WWII: Mobile & Fixed Hospitals

Hutch crossed his arms over his soggy mackinaw and gave Bergie half a smile. “You said you’d take over. Ever pitch a tent before?” “In Boy Scouts.” The surgeon raised a three-finger salute. “On my honor–“ “A big old Army ward tent?” “Nope. But I’m willing to get dirty. What’s mud compared to the blood… Read more »

Hospitalization in World War II – Chain of Evacuation

US Army Hospitals in WWII: From the Battlefield to the Hospital, the Chain of Evacuation

Planes thundered overhead, artillery rumbled in the distance, and cries of wounded soldiers pierced Georgie’s ears. “Coming through.” Two medics rushed past with a litter. A man writhed on top, a shock of red on his gray-green field jacket. Another medic assisted a soldier who clutched his twisted, bloodstained arm to his chest. Georgie took a… Read more »