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US Army Hospitals in WWII: Evacuation of the Wounded

Hospitalization in World War II – Evacuation of the Wounded

Unlike the US Fifth Army, Hutch crossed the Volturno River backward. While the Allies crossed under machine-gun fire eleven days earlier, Hutch rode in a jeep, turned in the front seat to face little Lucia. Her litter was strapped across the backseat, while two more litters were strapped on the hood. A furrow raced up Lucia’s forehead, and she clutched her doll even tighter. Time for Hutch’s treat. “... Read Article
US Army Hospitals in WWII: Mobile & Fixed Hospitals

Hospitalization in World War II – Mobile and Fixed Hospitals

Hutch crossed his arms over his soggy mackinaw and gave Bergie half a smile. “You said you’d take over. Ever pitch a tent before?” “In Boy Scouts.” The surgeon raised a three-finger salute. “On my honor–“ “A big old Army ward tent?” “Nope. But I’m willing to get dirty. What’s mud compared to the blood and guts I usually swim in?” Hutc... Read Article
US Army Hospitals in WWII: From the Battlefield to the Hospital, the Chain of Evacuation

Hospitalization in World War II – Chain of Evacuation

Planes thundered overhead, artillery rumbled in the distance, and cries of wounded soldiers pierced Georgie’s ears. “Coming through.” Two medics rushed past with a litter. A man writhed on top, a shock of red on his gray-green field jacket. Another medic assisted a soldier who clutched his twisted, bloodstained arm to his chest. Georgie took a deep breath. Compared to the ravages of battle, her con... Read Article