The Land Beneath Us Photo Tour

To celebrate the release of The Land Beneath Us, I’m conducting a photo tour of locations from the novel that I saw on my research trips to England and Normandy and to Tullahoma, Tennessee.

Today, I’m linking to photo tours I conducted for The Sea Before Us and The Sky Above Us that also relate to The Land Beneath Us.

Tour of London Part 1

Tour of London, Part 2

Tour: D-Day at Sea (includes photos of the Isle of Wight and crossing the English Channel)

Tour of Omaha Beach

Tour of the Queen Mary (sister ship of the Queen Elizabeth)

Come back throughout the week for The Land Beneath Us Release Day Giveaway, where I’m giving away items from England, Normandy, Tennessee, and Texas – and for new photos relating to The Land Beneath Us…

Tour of Tullahoma, Tennessee

Tour of Pointe du Hoc, part 1

Tour of Pointe du Hoc, part 2 

8 Responses to “The Land Beneath Us Photo Tour”

  1. Cassandra Wessel

    Have pre-ordered The Land Beneath Us. Jocelyn Green mentioned your book launch over on her launch website for Veiled in Smoke! Loved her book and expect to love yours. Blessings on your book launch!

  2. Terri Wangard

    I saved some Normandy sand in a film canister, being in the days before digital. Working on my dad’s desk, I spilled some into my photo album under the plastic cover. My dad, finding my supplies on his desk, threw away the sand, thinking it was just a mess. I did salvage some. 🙂

  3. Pat Jeanne Davis

    It was wonderful to see your photos in London on your trip in 2017. I just love Kensington and Kensington Gardens and the Peter Pan statue and seeing so many of those photos you shared. Brought back so many memories I made over the years when doing research in the UK. I was in Knightsbridge in 2001 and 2003. I also included Kensington Gardens and that Peter Pan statue in my debut novel that released last year. When I was back in London in 2018 I placed some of your book markers for your 2018 release around London, in restaurants and on the trains. All the best with your latest novel releasing today.

    • Sarah Sundin

      I’m so glad this brought up such lovely memories! And thank you for spreading bookmark love – how creative of you!

  4. Debbie Duke

    Reading The Land Beneath Us and can’t put it down. My grandparents came from London. I would love to visit but for now your pictures and words help me to see what it is like there. Thanks!