Today in World War II History—Mar. 9, 1943

US Army Air Forces Recruitment Poster, WWII75 Years Ago—Mar. 9, 1943: US Eighth Air Force Central Medical Establishment recommends 25-mission combat tour for bomber crewmen, 200 hours/150 missions for fighter pilots.

Field Marshal Erwin Rommel returns to Germany for sick leave & to plead for a decreased bridgehead in North Africa; Col. Gen. Jürgin von Arnim succeeds him over Army Group Africa, but this is kept secret.

In lieu of Mardi Gras, New Orleans holds Carnival Day Bond Drive for 25,000 people, sells $1 million in bonds.

In neutral Portuguese Goa in India, British SOE agents damage German freighter Ehrenfels, which was transmitting sailing times to U-boats (ship is scuttled).British poster, World War II