Today in World War II History—March 30, 1941

Today in World War II History

80 Years Ago—Mar. 30, 1941: After hearing reports that German and Italian sailors have been ordered to sabotage their own ships in US ports, the US Coast Guard seizes 63 German, Italian, and Danish ships; 913 Italian and German seamen are arrested.

2 Responses to “Today in World War II History—March 30, 1941”

  1. Carol Hoyos

    I’m just about to start reading “The Sea Before Us” my first one of your books. I happened on to your blog and saw 80 years ago. I’m sending it to my “Coastie“ grandson stationed in Oahu. Thnx for the info. ⚓️ ch

    • Sarah Sundin

      Thank you, Carol! I hope you enjoy the book – and I hope your grandson enjoys the history tidbit. I’m so thankful for his service – my son just finished four years in the Navy, based in Japan, so this is close to my heart.