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Christmas in World War II – The Military

Although World War II did not take a holiday, Americans at home and abroad did their best to celebrate Christmas. Wartime separations and deprivations made festivities poignant and bittersweet. This week’s post looks at Christmas for American servicemen and women, and next week’s will look at Christmas on the Home Front. Christmas during World War… Read more »

Thanksgiving in World War II

Despite the difficulties, dangers, and deprivations of the World War II era, Americans still gave thanks. Norman Rockwell’s beautiful “Freedom from Want” painting made its debut in 1943 and has come to symbolize the holiday. During the war, political wrangling over the date, rationing and shortages, restrictions on travel, and disruptions to treasured traditions might… Read more »

Lessons from the 1940s – Labor Counts

On Labor Day I thought it was appropriate to honor the vital role of production in the Allied victory in World War II. The United States was well situated to become the “Arsenal of Democracy.” Other than a handful of bombings from Japanese submarine-based planes and shellings from submarines, America was undamaged. The factories and… Read more »

Hospitalization in World War II – Evacuation of the Wounded

Unlike the US Fifth Army, Hutch crossed the Volturno River backward. While the Allies crossed under machine-gun fire eleven days earlier, Hutch rode in a jeep, turned in the front seat to face little Lucia. Her litter was strapped across the backseat, while two more litters were strapped on the hood. A furrow raced up… Read more »

Hospitalization in World War II – Mobile and Fixed Hospitals

Hutch crossed his arms over his soggy mackinaw and gave Bergie half a smile. “You said you’d take over. Ever pitch a tent before?” “In Boy Scouts.” The surgeon raised a three-finger salute. “On my honor–“ “A big old Army ward tent?” “Nope. But I’m willing to get dirty. What’s mud compared to the blood… Read more »

Hospitalization in World War II – Chain of Evacuation

Planes thundered overhead, artillery rumbled in the distance, and cries of wounded soldiers pierced Georgie’s ears. “Coming through.” Two medics rushed past with a litter. A man writhed on top, a shock of red on his gray-green field jacket. Another medic assisted a soldier who clutched his twisted, bloodstained arm to his chest. Georgie took… Read more »

Medical Air Evacuation in World War II – The Flight Nurse

Flight nurse Lt. Georgie Taylor wrestled down Captain McCurdy’s arms while Sgt. Enrique Ramirez forced him back into the seat. Apparently the captain was a poor candidate for air evacuation. “What are you waiting for, men?” McCurdy called out. “Jump!” Sergeant Ramirez planted his knee on the man’s lap and gripped both of the captain’s… Read more »

Medical Air Evacuation in WWII – One Patient’s Journey

Flight nurse Lt. Georgie Taylor smiled at Private Hawkins, who was recovering from abdominal surgery due to a rifle wound. “We’ll be in Tuni—” He was too pale. Restless. His hand chilled her. Georgie leaned closer, her mind tingling with concern. “Are you all right?” “Thirsty.” He rubbed his throat with white fingers. She wrapped… Read more »

Medical Air Evacuation in World War II

At the front of the plane, flight nurse Lt. Georgie Taylor threw a bright smile in place. These men had been wounded in battle or suffered from illness far from home. This could be their worst Christmas ever, but she was determined to give them pleasant memories. “All right, gentlemen. Open your presents.” The men… Read more »

Pharmacy in World War II – The Military

Pharmacy at Percy Jones General Hospital, Battle Creek, Michigan While researching the military medical system for my World War II novels, I read about physicians and nurses, dentists and veterinarians. But where were the pharmacists? In the civilian world, the physician prescribes medication, the pharmacist purchases, compounds, and dispenses, and the patient or nurse administers…. Read more »