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Today in World War II History—January 23, 1940 & 1945

Count Helmuth von Moltke on trial in the Nazi People’s Court in Berlin, January 1945 (German Federal Archive, Bild 147-1277)

80 Years Ago—January 23, 1940: Britain and France say they will not honor 200-mile Pan-American neutrality zone and will attack German ships in that zone. Animals in the Berlin Zoo are placed on war rations—less meat, no bananas or peanuts. 75 Years Ago—Jan. 23, 1945: US First Army retakes St. Vith in Belgium from Germans…. Read more »

Today in World War II History—January 22, 1940 & 1945

British poster, World War II

80 Years Ago—January 22, 1940: British Ministry of Information begins censoring newsreels. 75 Years Ago—Jan. 22, 1945: Indian 20th Division takes Monywa in Burma, the last Japanese port on the Chindwin River.

Today in World War II History—January 21, 1940 & 1945

Carrier USS Ticonderoga burning after being hit by two kamikazes off Luzon, 21 Jan 1945 (US Navy photo)

80 Years Ago—January 21, 1940: British light cruiser HMS Liverpool stops Japanese liner Asamu Maru off Japan and captures 21 Germans—12 naval reservists are detained, 9 civilians are released. Off Scotland, German U-boat U-22 sinks destroyer HMS Exmouth (all 189 killed). 75 Years Ago—Jan. 21, 1945: Halsey’s US Third Fleet (Task Force 38) is attacked… Read more »

Today in World War II History—January 20, 1940 & 1945

Inauguration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt at White House, 20 Jan 1945 (Library of Congress)

80 Years Ago—January 20, 1940: Britain and France agree to send troops and supplies to aid Finland, but they will not arrive in time. London’s coldest day since 1881—temperature dips to -20˚ F; people ice-skate on the Serpentine in Hyde Park. 75 Years Ago—Jan. 20, 1945: Hungary signs surrender to the Allies in Moscow. President… Read more »

Today in World War II History—January 19, 1940 & 1945

German Volkssturm troops at Königsberg, Germany, Jan 1945 (German Federal Archive, Bild 183-R98401)

80 Years Ago—January 19, 1940: Isolationist leader Sen. William Borah of Idaho dies of a stroke in Washington, DC, age 74. 75 Years Ago—Jan. 19, 1945: Soviets take Lodz and Krakow in Poland, and cross Polish-Silesian border. German Adm. Karl Dönitz cuts naval manpower to release men to the army.

Today in World War II History—January 18, 1940 & 1945

US troops on hill overlooking Damortis-Rosario Road on Luzon (US Army Center of Military History)

80 Years Ago—January 18, 1940: British begin seizure and censorship of air mail passing through Bermuda. 75 Years Ago—Jan. 18, 1945: On Luzon in the Philippines, the US Sixth Army drives south from Lingayen Gulf toward Manila.

Today in World War II History—January 17, 1940 & 1945

German Enigma machine (Imperial War Museum)

80 Years Ago—January 17, 1940: In Paris, Polish cryptographer Marian Rejewski breaks the German Luftwaffe Enigma code. 75 Years Ago—Jan. 17, 1945: Soviets take Warsaw. Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, who saved tens of thousands of Jews, is detained by the Soviets in Budapest, Hungary and disappears. Nazis lead 66,000 prisoners from Auschwitz on a death… Read more »

Today in World War II History—January 16, 1940 & 1945

Men of the US 347th Infantry Regiment taking a meal break while en route to La Roche, Belgium, 13 Jan 1945 (US National Archives: 111-SC-198849)

80 Years Ago—January 16, 1940: Soviet artillery pounds Mannerheim Line near Viipuri, Finland. Adm. Mitsumasa Yonai replaces Nobuyuki Abe as Prime Minister of Japan, but he is opposed by the pro-war military. 75 Years Ago—Jan. 16, 1945: The Battle of the Bulge ends as US First and Third Armies meet in Houffalize, Belgium, cutting off… Read more »

Today in World War II History—January 15, 1940 & 1945

British poster, WWII

80 Years Ago—January 15, 1940: Belgium denies British and French troops the right to cross its territory. Britain announces twice as many people have been killed on blacked-out roads than in enemy action. 75 Years Ago—Jan. 15, 1945: Japanese launch drive toward isolated US Fourteenth Air Force bases in eastern China and toward the Hengyang-Canton… Read more »

Today in World War II History—January 14, 1940 & 1945

Colonel Dregne of the US 357th Fighter Group gives a briefing to pilots Foy, Storch and Evans at Leiston Army Air Field in England, 14 Jan 1945, showing the 54 victories earned by the group that day (later revised to 56.5 victories), and the group’s 549 total victories (Imperial War Museum, Roger Freeman Collection)

80 Years Ago—January 14, 1940: FBI raid in New York City uncovers guns, ammunition, and bomb-making material, and a plot to sabotage and overthrow the government; 17 members of the anti-Semitic “Christian Front” group are arrested (later acquitted). British chemists (pharmacists) are granted an exemption to sugar rationing in order to coat pills. 75 Years… Read more »