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Today in World War II History—March 29, 1945

Soldiers of 44th Division, US Seventh Army in Mannheim, Germany, 29 Mar 1945 (German Federal Archive, Bild 146-1971-053-59)

75 Years Ago—March 29, 1945: In Germany, US Third Army takes Frankfurt and US Seventh Army takes Mannheim and Heidelberg. In retreat from Heidelberg, Germans destroy historic Alte Brücke (bridge) over Neckar River. Soviets seize Komorn oil field in Hungary, Germany’s last source of petroleum.

Today in World War II History—March 28, 1940 & 1945

B-24M Liberator “Second Chance II” of US 8th Air Force, 93rd BG, over Zossen, Germany, Mar 15 1945 (US National Archives)

80 Years Ago—March 28, 1940: Britain and France agree not to make separate peace treaties with Germany. 75 Years Ago—March 28, 1945: Soviets take crucial port of Gdynia on the Baltic. US Eighth Air Force flies final bombing mission to Berlin. British War Cabinet meets for final time in the underground Cabinet War Rooms in… Read more »

Today in World War II History—March 27, 1940 & 1945

US Eighth Army landing at Cebu, 27 March 1945 (US Army Center of Military History)

80 Years Ago—March 27, 1940: New Zealand Prime Minister Michael Savage dies of cancer; he will be replaced by Peter Fraser on April 4. Sixteen hundred Jewish refugees arrive in Palestine, but are interned by the British for illegal entry. 75 Years Ago—March 27, 1945: Last German V-2 rockets land in Britain—in London (131 killed)… Read more »

Today in World War II History—March 26, 1940 & 1945

Men of the US 77th Division landing from LVTs onto Zanami Island of the Kerama Islands near Okinawa, Japan, 27 Mar 1945. (US Army photo)

80 Years Ago—March 26, 1940: In Canadian election, Mackenzie King retains position as prime minister. First flight of Curtiss C-46 Commando cargo plane in St. Louis, MO. US commercial airlines complete a year of flying without a fatal accident or a serious injury. 75 Years Ago—March 26, 1945: The Battle of Iwo Jima officially ends:… Read more »

Today in World War II History—March 25, 1940 & 1945

B-24J Liberators of the 15th Air Force return from mission to Mühldorf, Germany to their base in Italy, Mar 19 1945, flying over island of Drvenik Veliki, Yugoslavia (US National Archives)

80 Years Ago—March 25, 1940: The neutral US allows sale of military aircraft to the Allies. Britain doubles butter ration to ½ pound per week. 75 Years Ago—March 25, 1945: US Seventh Army crosses the Rhine at Worms, Germany. US Fifteenth Air Force based in Italy flies its last strategic mission of war: 650 B-17… Read more »

Today in World War II History—March 24, 1940 & 1945

C-47 transports releasing hundreds of paratroopers and their supplies over the Rees-Wesel region, Germany during Operation Varsity, 24 Mar 1945 (Imperial War Museum: 4700-06 EA 59364A)

80 Years Ago—March 24, 1940: Sunspots temporarily disrupt shortwave radios, telephones, and telegraphs in the Western Hemisphere. 75 Years Ago—March 24, 1945: US Ninth Army crosses the Rhine. In Operation Varsity, 17,000 British 6th Airborne Division & US 17th Airborne Division paratroopers drop east of the Rhine and link with British & US land forces…. Read more »

Today in World War II History—March 23, 1940 & 1945

Men of the British 1st Cheshire Regiment crossing the Rhine River with Buffalo tracked landing vehicles at Wesel, Germany, 24 Mar 1945. (Imperial War Museum: 4700-30 BU 2336)

80 Years Ago—March 23, 1940: Germany requires car owners to donate batteries and requires church bells to be melted down. Radio premiere of Truth or Consequences on CBS. 75 Years Ago—March 23, 1945: British Second Army crosses the Rhine at Wesel, Germany. Soviets reach the Gulf of Danzig between Danzig and Gdynia.

Today in World War II History—March 22, 1940 & 1945

US troops crossing the Rhine under fire at Sankt Goar, Germany, late Mar 1945 (US National Archives: 208-YE-132)

80 Years Ago—March 22, 1940: Royal Navy increases patrols off Norway as tensions rise between Britain, Norway, and Germany. 75 Years Ago—March 22, 1945: US Third Army under Gen. George Patton crosses the Rhine at Nierstein and Oppenheim at night, surprising the Germans. US Eighth Army secures Panay in the Philippines.

Today in World War II History—March 21, 1940 & 1945

Ohka at Planes of Fame Museum, Chino, CA, November 2014 (Photo: Sarah Sundin)

80 Years Ago—March 21, 1940: Édouard Daladier resigns as Prime Minister of France after vote of no confidence from Parliament, replaced by Paul Reynaud. First German merchant ship is sunk by a British submarine: HMS Ursula sinks German freighter Heddernheim north of Denmark. 75 Years Ago—March 21, 1945: Japanese use rocket-powered Ohka kamikaze plane for… Read more »

Today in World War II History—March 20, 1945

Adm. Lord Louis Mountbatten addressing men of British Royal Armoured Corps, Mandalay, Burma, 21 Mar 1945 (Imperial War Museum: SE 3484)

75 Years Ago—March 20, 1945: On Luzon, a Filipino force takes San Fernando, led by US Col. Russell Volckmann, who had refused to surrender to the Japanese in 1942. British & Indian troops take Mandalay, Burma.