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Today in World War II History—Sept. 29, 1943

Italian Premier Pietro Badoglio and Gen. Dwight Eisenhower on battleship HMS Nelson for Italian surrender to Allies at Malta, 29 September 1943 (US Army Center of Military History)

75 Years Ago—Sept. 29, 1943: Gen. Dwight Eisenhower and Italian premier Pietro Badoglio sign official Italian armistice on battleship HMS Nelson at Malta. US 100th Infantry Battalion (Japanese-Americans primarily from Hawaii) is attached to US Fifth Army in Italy.

Today in World War II History—Sept. 28, 1943

Georg Duckwitz, 1960 (German Federal Archive: B 145 Bild-F008672-0027)

75 Years Ago—Sept. 28, 1943: Roman Jews pay ransom of 50 kg of gold to Nazis with help from the Vatican; however, it will not be honored. German diplomat Georg Duckwitz, stationed in Copenhagen, Denmark, learns of Gestapo plan to round up Danish Jews; he warns Danish Resistance at great personal risk, allowing Danes to… Read more »

Today in World War II History—Sept. 27, 1943

Republic P-47D Thunderbolt (US Air Force photo)

75 Years Ago—Sept. 27, 1943: US 8th Air Force P-47 Thunderbolt fighters escort bombers all the way to targets in Germany for the first time. Soviets take Temyruk, Russia, last German-held port on the Black Sea. On the night of Sept. 26-27, Australian commandos enter Singapore Harbor on a fishing boat and sink or damage… Read more »

Today in World War II History—Sept. 26, 1943

Wreckage in the dock area of Naples, Italy, caused by the Germans before they left the city, 1943 (US Army Center of Military History)

75 Years Ago—Sept. 26, 1943: As the Allies advance north in Italy, an anti-Fascist uprising begins in Naples; 300 civilians will be killed in the next week.

Today in World War II History—Sept. 25, 1943

Bette Davis & John Garfield, founders of the Hollywood Canteen, 1942 (public domain via Wikipedia)

75 Years Ago—Sept. 25, 1943: Soviets take Smolensk and Roslavl, Russia. Movie premiere of musical Thank Your Lucky Stars; the all-star cast donates their salaries to the Hollywood Canteen.

Today in World War II History—Sept. 23, 1943

Möhne Dam in Germany after the RAF Dambuster Raid, 18 May 1943 (British Government photo)

75 Years Ago—Sept. 23, 1943: Germans finish repairs to Möhne Dam in Ruhr, breached in RAF Dambusters raid in May. In Allied convoy ON-202 off Greenland, German U-boats sink 5 ships; in this convoy, 12 ships have been sunk by the German’s new T-5 acoustic torpedoes.

Today in World War II History—Sept. 22, 1943

Pvt. Paul Oglesby of US 30th Infantry Regiment in a damaged Catholic Church at Acerno, Italy, 23 September 1943 (US National Archives)

75 Years Ago—Sept. 22, 1943: Mussolini proclaims Repubblica Sociale Italiana, based in German-occupied northern Italy. In Italy, US Fifth Army takes Acerno and Oliveto. At Alta Fjord in Norway, British midget subs damage German battleship Tirpitz with mines; it will be out of commission until April 1944.

Today in World War II History—Sept. 21, 1943

US Army infantrymen fighting in the jungles of Vella Lavella, Solomon Islands, 13 September 1943 (US Army Signal Corps photo)

75 Years Ago—Sept. 21, 1943: US secures Baanga, Arundel, and Wana Wana in the Solomon Islands. Soviets cross Dnieper River south of Kiev, Ukraine.

Today in World War II History—Sept. 20, 1943

Soldiers from the 2/6th Independent Company display Japanese flags they captured during the battle of Kaiapit, 22 September 1943 (Australian War Memorial 057510)

75 Years Ago—Sept. 20, 1943: Australian 2/6th Independent Company defeats larger Japanese force at Kaiapit, New Guinea, opening up the Ramu Valley and sites for airstrips. At Auletta, Italy, US Fifth Army meets British Eighth Army advancing from south. New Zealanders secure Vella Lavella in the Solomon Islands. US War Department puts all coastal observation… Read more »