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Love and Other Mistakes, by Jessica Kate

Love and Other Mistakes, by Jessica Kate

Natalie Groves couldn’t be having a worse day. Her career dream is long dead, she’s losing her job, and her father has cancer. Then she finds out her ex-fiance, Jeremy Walters, is back in town after having dumped her seven years earlier – with his nine-month-old son. Jem has returned for his dream job, with hopes of reconciling with his family. But his overbearing father remains as critical as ever.... Read Article

Where Dandelions Bloom, by Tara Johnson

To escape her abusive father and an arranged marriage to a vile man, Cassie Kendrick makes a desperate decision. She chops off her hair, dresses as a man, and enlists in the Union Army during the Civil War under the name of Thomas Turner. As a crack shot and no stranger to rough living, Cassie is accepted in her unit. Overcoming his childhood in the slums of New York, Gabriel Avery has just landed his dream job ̵... Read Article

My Dearest Dietrich by Amanda Barratt

Dietrich Bonhoeffer is well-known as a pastor who defied the Nazis and joined the resistance against Hitler. But a lesser-known aspect of this man’s life is his romance with Maria von Wedemeyer. In My Dearest Dietrich, Amanda Barratt brings their love to life through fiction. At nineteen, spirited Maria von Wedemeyer is devoted to her family. While visiting her beloved grandmother, she meets Pastor Dietrich Bon... Read Article
Yours Truly, Thomas, by Rachel Fordham

Yours Truly, Thomas, by Rachel Fordham

Penny Ercanback works in the Dead Letter Office in Washington, DC. She receives a series of letters from a Thomas that didn’t reach his Clara, and Thomas’s hurting and tender heart touches Penny. Determined to reunite the lovers, Penny begins to investigate the mysterious man. Thomas Conner is fleeing from his past in Virginia. When his Montana-bound wagon breaks down in Azure Springs, Iowa, he’s st... Read Article
Ever Faithful, by Karen Barnett

Ever Faithful, by Karen Barnett

In 1933 New York City, Nate Webber has nothing going for him. A school dropout and a disappointment to his family, he voluntarily takes the rap for his little brother to keep him out of jail. But instead of sentencing Nate to jail, the judge has him join the new Civilian Conservation Corps. With dozens of other unemployed young men, Nate arrives at Yellowstone National Park to build trails and facilities. Nate’... Read Article
The King's Mercy, by Lori Benton

The King’s Mercy, by Lori Benton

When Scottish soldier Alex MacKinnon is captured after the Battle of Culloden, he’s granted the king’s mercy–exile to the American colonies rather than execution, but it’s a mercy he loathes. Indentured to Edmund Carey to be a blacksmith on his plantation, Alex only dreams of escape. Somehow. Joanna Carey, Edmund’s step-daughter, was thrown into the position as mistress of the plantation... Read Article
Whose Waves These Are by Amanda Dykes

Whose Waves These Are, by Amanda Dykes

Annie Bliss is called back to a small Maine town when her beloved great-uncle, Robert Bliss, falls sick. Many of the townspeople welcome her back, but some are leery, especially Fletch, the secretive harbor postman who seems far too close to her “GrandBob.” When Annie and Fletch discover a stack of rocks and a partially completed tower on Robert’s property, they are propelled into Robert’s pas... Read Article
The Governess of Penwythe Hall by Sarah E. Ladd

The Governess of Penwythe Hall, by Sarah E. Ladd

Delia Greythorne enjoys serving as a governess for the five Twethewey children, but when their father dies, the children are sent from Yorkshire to live with their uncle, Jac Twethewey, at Penwythe Hall in Cornwall. Delia never wanted to return to her native Cornwall and the memories of her husband and baby daughter, who died. Even worse, her former in-laws are still there. They hold Delia responsible for her husband... Read Article

Between Two Shores

In 1759 during the French & Indian War, Catherine Duval, half-Mohawk and half-French, runs her father’s trading post outside of Montreal. With the British besieging Quebec City and famine raging, French soldiers arrive to impress the women into harvesting wheat for the army at Quebec. To Catherine’s shock, her father “ransoms” a British prisoner-of-war, Samuel Crane, who had broken Catheri... Read Article
Within These Lines by Stephanie Morrill

Within These Lines by Stephanie Morrill

It’s difficult enough for Evalina Cassano and Taichi Hamasaki. Their interracial romance is frowned upon in 1942, and they haven’t told their families. With anti-Japanese sentiment rising in Northern California after Pearl Harbor, Taichi and his family face growing discrimination. Then the US government evacuates the Hamasakis to the War Relocation Center at Manzanar. Taichi struggles to adjust to the dif... Read Article