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Book Beat – A Flying Affair

In 1927, Mittie Humphreys is busy with her family’s famous Morning Glory Farms in Kentucky, where the finest horses are raised. When Charles Lindbergh is scheduled to visit Louisville, Mittie is expected to be a proper society girl and help arrange teas and balls. However, the visit only awakens Mittie’s longing to fly. British aviator… Read more »

Book Beat – Beyond the Ashes

After the 1906 Earthquake, recent widow Ruby Marshall moves to San Francisco to help her brother, physician Robert King, with his cancer research and in the camps for the homeless in Golden Gate Park. Dr. Gerald Larkspur, Robert’s partner, is certain his work with X-rays will bring healing to the suffering, but failures with his patients… Read more »

Book Beat – Secrets She Kept by Cathy Gohlke

1972: Hannah Sterling isn’t mourning the death of her mother, Lieselotte. Not at all. The woman was cold and closed and never gave Hannah the love she craved. However, her mother has left her a collection of letters hinting at family secrets and revealing that Hannah has a grandfather in Germany. Determined to fill in… Read more »

Book Beat – As Love Blooms by Lorna Seilstad

Tessa Gregory is a woman of many interests, but now she knows horticulture is the path for her. If only her family didn’t dismiss this as another flight of Tessa’s high-flying fancy. If only the director of Como Park hadn’t refused to hire her. If only she didn’t have such a knack for getting in… Read more »

Book Beat – Saving Amelie by Cathy Gohlke

In 1939, Rachel Kramer visits Germany with her professor father for a eugenics conference, where she receives a cryptic message from her childhood friend, Kristine, who is married to SS officer Gerhard Schlick. Kristine begs Rachel to take her little daughter Amelie back to America with her. Amelie is deaf and a “blemish” on Gerhard’s… Read more »

Book Beat – A Sparrow in Terezin by Kristy Cambron

Sera James’s wedding day falls to pieces when her new husband is arrested for a sale of a piece of art, a crime he didn’t commit. To clear William’s name, Sera travels to London to meet his estranged father. . .and discovers a strange connection to a Holocaust survivor and the teacher who saved her… Read more »

Book Beat – Spy of Richmond

What’s a Southern girl to do when she harbors abolitionist views? In Spy of Richmond by Jocelyn Green, Sophie Kent, daughter of a slave-holding Confederate officer, lives in Richmond, Virginia during the Civil War. Moved by the plight of Union soldiers imprisoned in Richmond’s Libby Prison, Sophie and her slave, Daphne, bring food to the… Read more »

Book Beat – Remember the Lilies

When the Japanese conquered the Philippines in 1942, hundreds of Allied civilians were herded into civilian prison camps. Remember the Lilies by Liz Tolsma is set in the Santo Tomas internment camp in Manila, where people scraped by to survive. Irene Reynolds was raised by missionaries in the Philippines, and is interned with her beloved… Read more »

Book Beat – At Home in Last Chance

One thing I love in book series is watching characters I dislike come to redemption. And one thing I adore is authors who can make you love the unlikable character. Cathleen Armstrong does just that in At Home in Last Chance. In Welcome to Last Chance and One More Last Chance, we met selfish Steven… Read more »

Book Beat – Rush of Heaven

I don’t read much non-fiction, other than research books, and I wouldn’t have picked up Rush of Heaven except that my dear friend Cheryl Ricker is the co-author. And I’m so glad I did. In 1993, Ema McKinley suffered a horrible workplace accident. Over the next eighteen years a condition called reflex sympathetic dystrophy stole… Read more »