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Today in World War II History—April 12, 1941

Yugoslavian infantry surrendering to Germans, 6 April 1941 (German Federal Archive: Bild 146-1975-036-24)

75 Years Ago—Apr. 12, 1941: Germans take Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Hitler divides Yugoslavia between Germany, Italy, Hungary, and Bulgaria, leaving Croatia as puppet state. Germans take Bardia, Libya.

Today in World War II History—April 11, 1941

Australian troops in a foxhole near Tobruk, Libya, 1941 (Imperial War Museum)

75 Years Ago—Apr. 11, 1941: First military action by US warship in WWII—destroyer USS Niblack drops depth charges on supposed U-boat (false contact). German forces under Rommel surround Australian forces in Tobruk, Libya—siege will last until November 1941. US forms Office of Price Administration to plan wage & price controls. Movie premiere of Road to… Read more »

Today in World War II History—April 10, 1941

Adolf Hitler meets Ante Pavelić at the Berghof, 9 June 1941 (US Holocaust Memorial Museum)

75 Years Ago—Apr. 10, 1941: Germans take Zagreb, capital of Croatia, Yugoslavia. Germans establish puppet state in Croatia under Ante Pavelic, whose Ustase government will persecute and massacre Jews, Serbs, and Gypsies.

Today in World War II History—April 9, 1941

Battleship USS North Carolina (BB-55) during her shakedown cruise, May 1941 (US Navy photo)

75 Years Ago—Apr. 9, 1941: Germans take Salonika, Greece. US signs agreement with Danish ambassador making Greenland a US protectorate, allowing US to build facilities. Battleship USS North Carolina commissioned, New York Navy Yard NY, first US battleship since 1923. PGA establishes Golf Hall of Fame.

Today in World War II History—April 8, 1941

Poster calling Italians to avenge the defeat in East Africa, 1941. (public domain)

75 Years Ago—Apr. 8, 1941: British take port of Massawa, Eritrea, securing Eritrea and driving Italians from last of Red Sea ports, opening sea to Allied ships.

Today in World War II History—April 7, 1941

British generals Philip Neame, Richard O'Connor, Richard Parry, and John Coombe in captivity, 6 Apr 1941 (British government photo)

75 Years Ago—Apr. 7, 1941: Germans take Derna, Libya, and capture British generals Richard O’Connor and Philip Neame. At Piraeus, Greece British ammunition ship Clan Fraser explodes due to damage from Luftwaffe raid on April 6, sinking 95 other ships and boats.

Today in World War II History—April 6, 1941

German 15 cm sFH 37(t) howitzer shelling Metaxas Line fortifications, Greece, early Apr 1941 (German Federal Archives: Bild 101I-163-0319-07A)

75 Years Ago—Apr. 6, 1941: Germans invade Yugoslavia and Greece. Luftwaffe bombing destroys Belgrade, Yugoslavia, killing 17,000. British and South African troops take Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia.

Today in World War II History—April 5, 1941

Infantryman in herringbone twill fatigues, kneeling in front of M3 Half-track, holds and sights an M1 Garand rifle. Fort Knox, Kentucky, June 1942. (Library of Congress)

75 Years Ago—Apr. 5, 1941: Anti-German Yugoslavian government signs treaty of friendship with USSR. US Army authorizes herringbone twill fatigue uniforms (HBTs). In San Francisco, Castro and Fillmore cable cars are replaced by buses.

Today in World War II History—April 4, 1941

German troops advancing up the coast road towards the British lines, Libya, spring 1941 (German Federal Archives: Bild 1011-782-0049-21)

75 Years Ago—Apr. 4, 1941: German forces under Gen. Erwin Rommel take Benghazi, Libya. US allows Royal Navy ships to be repaired in US ports.